By shopping at businesses on the BAMit app you not only save money and earn cash back but you can directly share those savings with the school or nonprofit of your choice! It's never been more important to support our local businesses, our schools, and nonprofit organizations! JOIN TODAY so you can learn how to use the BAMit app and learn about some local businesses offering you the opportunity to SAVE MONEY, GIVE BACK & LIVE BETTER!

BAMit’s recent feature on the national show, NewsWatch, being highlighted for our innovative app and giving-back platform. BAMit was shared across several social media platforms and on the home page where the entire nation was introduced to the BAMit app.

Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce – Manhattan Beach, Ca. Mark Lipps discussing the benefits of the BAMit App for small businesses. Information Update: Please use or the “Connect with BAMit” button on to connect with us.

General Manager of BAMit Business “Steak & Whiskey” Valerie Maciejewski discussing the benefits of BAMit and how it’s not just a discount app but a way to drive traffic AND create new business from patrons looking for places they’ve never tried.

“What is BAMit” an extended look at BAMit today with our business development specialist, Robyn Stein. She gives you an in-depth look at some of the finer points on what BAMit can do for businesses, the community, and how it works when combined with a charity.